Hammer Tough (Preset Drilling Options Available)

The Hammer Tough is for straight bowling and as a specialist spare ball for hook bowlers.
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Hammer Tough (Preset Drilling Options Available)
Hammer's new performance spare, the Tough, brings together a touch of new technology wrapped around a bit of old. By combining a new Polythane coverstock with a traditional pancake core, featuring carbon fiber, Hammer brings you the toughest spare ball ever produced. Polythane offers the performance of a polyester ball with the durability of a urethane ball. The core is the traditional core design found in the typical spare ball, but with carbon fiber added. It features a high RG and low differential to keep flare and hook potential low. 

Price is undrilled. Preset drilling option is available at a cost of £10. For information on sizes see Preset Drilling Sizes on horizontal menu bar above (PC) or the home page menu (Smart Phones, tablets etc.).

Information on personalised custom drilling can be found under Custom Ball Drilling in the top horizontal menu for PCs or home page menu for mobiles.
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Brand: Hammer
Condition: New
Product Code: hmtough
Weight: 7.9kg